Well, April is living up to the idea of “April Showers.” It’s been cold and rainy in Missouri, but I just happen to love rainy days. They are perfect for writing.

We’re getting a lot of visitors in our backyard. I love birds, and there are so many different kinds here. We’re so excited to see all the varieties that stop by to say hello. Besides all the small colorful birds, the gentle and beautiful deer, there are also eagles that fly over frequently. It’s so much fun!

Watson likes birds too. Unfortunately, he also likes to bark and scare them away. When I tell him to be quiet, he seems to forget his name. Here’s a picture of him ignoring me. This is something he does very well. LOL!


I have to share a picture of a special gift given to me from a dear friend. Vickie Wilde Adkison sent me this wonderful needlepoint picture. It’s framed and hanging in my office. I think I’ll get a different colored mat, but I kind of like the way the white allows the figures to stand out. Isn’t it great? Thanks so much, Vickie. 


I'm beginning the third book in my Finding Sanctuary series, and I’m very excited about the premise. For those of you who’ve read my Road to Kingdom series, you’ll recognize the main character. Sophie Wittenbauer left Kingdom, Kansas, in disgrace. But she’s turned her life around and is now working for a large St. Louis newspaper. Desperate to find the kind of big story that will make her career, she stumbles across information about a man who robbed an armored car company in St. Louis in the nineties. After killing several guards, he got away with over nine million dollars. Although the police looked everywhere for him, the man was never arrested. Sophie thinks she might know where he is. Hiding out in a small town called Sanctuary, Missouri. Pretending to be someone else, Sophie goes to Sanctuary to find the infamous Terrance Chase. But Sophie will uncover much more than she planned. Not only is someone willing to kill to keep his secret, she will come face to face with a lost love. Jonathon Weiss is living in Sanctuary, serving as the pastor of one of Sanctuary’s two churches. Sophie is torn between the story of a lifetime – and the love a lifetime. What will she choose?


We’re just days away from the release of GATHERING SHADOWS, the first book in the Finding Sanctuary series. The reviews have been very good! I hope you’ll snag a copy and read it. If you like it, please tell your friends!


I’m planning a release party on Facebook for GATHERING SHADOWS. Please keep checking my Facebook pages for more details! There will be prizes and lots of fun!

God bless you. And thank you for reading my books.